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DeGroote School of Business

Strategic Plan

Welcome to the DeGroote School of Business Strategic Plan

In the spring of 2022, we began a consultative strategic planning process understanding that the world and our role in it had changed. Emerging out of the pandemic we witnessed shifts in healthcare management, the increasing role technology plays in business and society, and the greater importance placed on societal values of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The process allowed us to assess the DeGroote School of Business’ place in the current business school landscape and identify opportunities for the School to grow, particularly in the strategic areas most important to us and McMaster: Teaching & LearningResearch and ScholarshipEngaging CommunitiesInclusive Excellence and Operational Excellence.

Khaled Hassanein,
Dean, DeGroote School of Business

More From Our Dean

Our Vision. Our Mission. Our Values.

Our vision, mission and values can be summarized in one simple word: impact. From students and our community to business and society, DeGroote’s impact is felt everywhere.


Our Vision

Our vision is to open minds, transform lives, build sustainable communities, and contribute to positive change in business and society.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make a meaningful impact through knowledge creation, student-centred learning, and community engagement.


Our Values

Collaboration. Community. Inclusivity. Innovation. Integrity.



Our Strategic Goals

DeGroote’s strategic plan focuses on five key strategic goals areas:


Teaching and Learning

Fostering a culture of excellence that motivates students to become mindful leaders and lifelong learners.


Research and Scholarship

Furthering DeGroote’s excellence in all aspects of research and discovery to advance knowledge and have a positive impact on business and society.


Engaging Communities

Expanding our community engagement to deliver a meaningful impact to our stakeholders.


Inclusive Excellence

Fostering and promoting a culture of equity, inclusivity and respect that embraces and leverages the diversity of our communities in everything we do.


Operational Excellence

Supporting and celebrating a culture of continuous improvement through collaboration and evidence-based decision-making.

How We Got Here, Together

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(1) Qualitative Research

67 In-Depth Interviews, 9 Focus Groups, Feedback Sessions and Stakeholder Consultations. (March - May, 2022)

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(2) Quantitative Research

1,050 Internal and External Surveys, and 46 Online Forms. (April - August, 2022)

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(3) Roundtables and Townhalls

5 Internal Roundtables with Faculty, Staff, and Students Held at McMaster Main Campus, the Ron Joyce Centre and Virtually. (April 2022)

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(4) Drafting the Evolved Strategic Plan

Creation of the Strategic Plan Draft. (June 2022 - January 2023)

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(5) Finalizing the Strategic Plan

Final Approvals and Planning. (March 2023)

Image of Planning and Holding Strategic Meeting

(6) Executing the Strategic Plan

Bringing the DeGroote Plan to Life. (May 2023+)

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