Work Experience Broadens Student Perspectives and Skills

Work Experience Broadens Student Perspectives and Skills

DeGroote students and their co-op and internship employers recount the value of experiential education opportunities.

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Work Experience Broadens Student Perspectives and Skills

Teaching and Learning

Our students’ experiences in and out of the classroom contribute to future successes, not just for themselves but also for business and society.

Our Goal

Foster a culture of excellence in academia that motivates students to become mindful leaders and active lifelong learners. 

Major Initiatives & Activities

Deliver innovative courses, integrated programs, and co-curricular activities that are contemporary, global in nature, and in line with the evolving needs of business and society.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Conduct an audit of current student learning journeys for all programs to identify gaps and/or duplication.
➝ Engage in continuous improvement processes for courses and programs to ensure that content and delivery are aligned with evolving needs of the job markets and society.
➝ Develop and implement a methodology to identify, define, and evaluate core skills for all DeGroote students based on evolving employer and societal needs.
➝ Ensure that all instructors have access to resources, tools, and training to develop and deliver contemporary, integrated, and innovative content.
➝ Investigate and identify alternative learning pathways to program completion (e.g., micro-credentials or transfer credits).

Strengthen existing and create new interdisciplinary programs.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Develop a framework to deliver business knowledge efficiently and effectively across existing and new interdisciplinary programs.
➝ Explore and introduce new interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate programs that fulfill the future needs of business and society.

Enhance opportunities for experiential learning across all our programs.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Expand opportunities for students to apply core knowledge in experiential settings to develop and build essential skills within all programs.
➝ Evaluate work-integrated learning opportunities to determine appropriate offerings for each program.
➝ Create a working group to explore and develop experiential micro-credentials to meet the current and future needs of students and other stakeholders.

Create an ecosystem that encourages and supports entrepreneurial, socially responsible, and ethical mindsets.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Review and update programs through a lens of social responsibility, ethics, and entrepreneurship.
➝ Develop a range of experiential activities to enhance students’ appreciation of and skills in social responsibility, ethics, and entrepreneurship.