Fostering Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Fostering Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Conservation Halton teams up with DeGroote’s Executive Education to support employee leadership development.

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Fostering Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Operational Excellence

Effective use of our resources is key to achieving our mission and our long-term sustainability.

Our Goal

Support and celebrate a culture of continuous improvement through collaboration and evidence-based decision-making.

Major Initiatives & Activities

Promote innovation, evidence-based decision making, and effective stewardship of resources in all our processes.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Establish a working group to develop and recommend operational metrics and associated targets.
➝ Develop dashboards to report on operational metrics.
➝ Implement customer relationship management tools to support and expand stakeholder journey mapping, and track affinity with students, alumni/donors, and employers.
➝ Expand opportunities to celebrate success and excellence in all areas within the DeGroote community.

Operate in a collaborative, open-minded culture wherein operating policies and practices are regularly reviewed, updated, and optimized.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Engage faculty and staff to provide feedback on what’s working, what needs enhancement, and how to implement change.
➝ Periodically review all DeGroote operating policies and identify priorities for updating.

Foster a collaborative community culture by nurturing open communication and transparency at all levels.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Implement processes for regularly collecting and reporting staff and faculty engagement, including identification of engagement metrics and targets.
➝ Continue to explore new opportunities for periodic, informal conversations and networking opportunities between faculty, staff, and students.