Empowering Black Board Directors Through Governance Education

Empowering Black Board Directors Through Governance Education

Directors College John Ware Fellows exemplify how formal studies can advance EDI on corporate boards.

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Empowering Black Board Directors Through Governance Education

Inclusive Excellence

We will leverage our diverse communities in pursuit of our mission within a culture that fully espouses equity, diversity, and inclusion in everything we do.

Our Goal

Foster and promote a culture of equity, inclusivity, and respect that embraces and leverages the diversity of our communities in everything we do. 

Major Initiatives & Activities

Increase opportunities for listening to, understanding, and amplifying varied perspectives through appropriate structures, systems, and policies.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Create the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee.
➝ Create an online space where DeGroote students, staff, and faculty members will have access to resources, contacts, and support related to EDI.

Embed McMaster’s principles of Inclusive Excellence in our recruitment of faculty members, staff, and students by removing systemic barriers and creating opportunities for our communities to fully engage in our mission.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Implement annual Refresher Employment Equity Facilitator Training.
➝ Provide bias-free recruitment training for faculty and staff and other stakeholders who review applications for prospective students.
➝ Offer bias-free recruitment training for student leaders.
➝ Set and measure progress on EDI metrics, using current McMaster census data.

Expand internal and external partnerships that support our equity, diversity, and inclusion objectives.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Strengthen and formalize partnerships to promote continuous review of curriculum to include EDI and Indigenous perspectives.
➝ Expand relationship with the Equity and Inclusion Office to provide ongoing support to DeGroote students, staff, and faculty members.
➝ Actively contribute to the President’s Advisory Committee on Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC).
➝ Expand relationships with the external partners to build and enhance our impact and outreach in the community.

Incorporate ethical principles, and a variety of perspectives and ways of knowing in all our educational programs and research.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Support faculty members in incorporating ethical principles, EDI and Indigenous perspectives in their grant applications, research design, teaching, and training.
➝ Share information and deliver training on EDI, Indigenous perspectives, and accessibility in teaching and research.

Support the mental wellness, work-life balance, and overall well-being of our entire community.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Establish an intersectional approach to mental wellness supported by the delivery of themed workshops and a speaker series.
➝ Actively promote resources available through McMaster’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).
➝ Encourage participation in McMaster programs and initiatives to enhance faculty and staff awareness of student mental wellness and available resources.