The Legacy of Learning to Give Back

The Legacy of Learning to Give Back

For 12 years, the Strategic Philanthropy and Leadership course made a meaningful impact on students, instructors and the local community.

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The Legacy of Learning to Give Back

Engaging Communities

Engaging our McMaster, community, and business partners is key to realizing our vision to transform business and society for the better.

Our Goal

Expand community engagement to deliver a meaningful impact to our stakeholders.

Major Initiatives & Activities

Strategically build relationships with employers to contribute to their future workforce needs and enhance career opportunities for our students.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Steward relationships with current and prospective employers by integrating their presence in existing DeGroote activities.
➝ Showcase employers to highlight and recognize partnerships.
➝ Expand opportunities for employers to engage top talent through all program stages.

Strengthen our connection with alumni throughout their career journeys.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Plan and execute an Alumni Experts Circle program to recognize alumni and community partner expertise and knowledge sharing with the DeGroote community.
➝ Plan and execute an alumni-to-alumni program to foster meaningful connections within our alumni community.
➝ Reinvigorate the Executive-in-Residence program to connect students with industry leaders.
➝ Actively seek opportunities to nominate alumni for internal and external awards and recognition.

Expand executive development programs for organizations and individuals as an integral part of our commitment to active lifelong learning.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Expand the scope of executive programs in themes aligned with our areas of focus.
➝ Implement strategic marketing initiatives to introduce executive programs to new audiences and partner organizations.
➝ Feature alumni and custom executive programs’ clients through stories, testimonials, and profiles to reinforce the impact that DeGroote has on individuals and organizations.
➝ Explore deeper partnerships within the McMaster community to expand the reach of our executive programs.

Strengthen connections and knowledge exchange among our communities.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Offer networking opportunities to connect diverse groups and foster collaboration.
➝ Develop a communications strategy to promote our research and community impact efforts.
➝ Connect communities and showcase thought leaders through events, content pieces, and webinars.

Leverage partnerships with key stakeholders to proactively contribute to building sustainable communities.


Our Planned Activities
➝ Create opportunities to facilitate connections between our students and community partners.
➝ Seek opportunities for DeGroote to have an authentic presence at events that represent the diversity of our community.
➝ Create connections with partner organizations to foster and enhance sustainable local and regional communities.