Research and Scholarship

Research is at the core of our mission and one of the main ways in which we make a meaningful impact on business and society.

Our Goal

Further our excellence in all aspects of research and discovery to advance knowledge and have a positive impact on business and society.

Major Initiatives & Activities

Research Funding

Selected Activities
➝ Enhance internal support and recognition for research success.
➝ Reinforce commitment to areas of focus.
➝ Amplify research impact to academic, business, and not-for-profit organizations. 

Cross-disciplinary Research

Selected Activities
➝ Foster and support interdisciplinary research activities.
➝ Establish additional interdisciplinary research centres.

Research Training

Selected Activities
➝ Enhance graduate and undergraduate students’ engagement in research activities.
➝ Increase targeted research funding for graduate and undergraduate students.

Knowledge Mobilization and Partnerships

Selected Activities
➝ Create an industry/community advisory board for research partnerships.
➝ Expand funding and coordinate efforts in support of knowledge mobilization.

DeGroote News on Research and Scholarship

Undergraduate Student Research Day

Undergraduate Student Research Day

Undergrad research students came together to share their work, experience, and skills gained while contributing to research at DeGroote.

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Undergraduate Student Research Day